Seiko Dream Square - An interactive hub of the world of Seiko is born.

Seiko Dream Square opens its doors to visitors to “look, feel and experience” the rich history and heritage of Seiko’s watchmaking since 1881 through its museum, showrooms and entertainment functions. Welcoming with the spirit of “Omotenashi,” a Japanese term meaning the best possible service and hospitality, Seiko Dream Square is a point of destination for visitors of all ages and a center for communicating the brand’s story globally -- from Ginza to the world.

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Brand Experience that Can be Seen, Touched and Felt

A brand experience that can be seen, touched, and felt.
A place to encounter the one for you

Seiko brands continue to captivate the hearts of all who see their wristwatch as a lifelong partner.
On the 1st floor, immerse yourself in the full lineup of the casual watch brand Seiko 5 Sports. Visitors can enjoy looking, feeling and the total shopping experience in the world of Seiko's leading collections, Prospex, King Seiko, Presage, Lukia, and Astron, with each displayed in a refined setting based on its unique identity. And now, let us escort you into a breathtaking dream.

A museum marking a journey through time as recorded by SeikoSpecial Selections1F

Meet the constantly changing expressions of Seiko watches

Beyond the door unfolds the constantly evolving world of Seiko, a floor that promises new encounters with the freshest Seiko watch designs.

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